Each year, NeoBioSys® invests in innovative projects whose ultimate goal is to offer its customers natural products from fermentary engineering.


NeoBioSys® has developed with the companies Hippolab® and Solu'Nature®, several ranges of fermented complementary foods (Kefir) for animals.

The objective is to provide a natural response to the problems encountered in livestock farming. These products are marketed under the Defi'Flor® brand of our partner distributor Solu'Nature®.

The Défi'Flor® concept won a "Sommet d'Or" at the "Sommet de l'élevage 2018". This award recognizes the best innovations in the field of breeding.

The ranges are as follows:

  • Défi’Flor®  Volailles et lapins
  • Défi’Flor®  Jeunes ruminants, porcelets, poulains
  • Défi’Flor®  Porcs
  • Défi’Flor®  Chevaux
  • Défi’Flor®  Gastéropodes
  • Défi’Flor®  Aquaculture
  • Défi’Flor®  Chiens et chats

These productions (with the exception of Défi’Flor®  Chiens et chats) received from Bureau Veritas Certification FR-BIO-10, the certification "Feed for animals usable in Organic Agriculture" CER-OPT118563-C170022.pdf