• Modifications and Refining Bacterial Genomes ;
  • Large volume production (several m3) ; 
  • Large volume drying (lyophilization, spray-drying, fluidized bed, dryer-granulator) ; 
  • Separation, filtration (micro and ultra filtration) ; 
  • Equipment Supplier (analysis, process, fermentation, ...) ; 
  • Experts (Scientific, Technical, Economic, Regulatory).
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From gene to process NeoBioSys expands its offering.

Through a partnership with BGene company, NeobioSys is now able to offer comprehensive solution from construction and optimization of custom microorganism strains, without scars and without antibiotic resistance gene, up to development and optimization of a large scale fermentation and purification process.

No matter the issue is about protein, metabolite of interest or biomass, we are ready to work at any state of development of bioprocess to develop or improve their efficiency.