• Optimization of culture conditions in bioreactors (fully controlled reactors of 250mL, 2L, 5L, 15L, 30L) ; 
  • Scale-up ; 
  • Up to 120L pilot development ; 
  • Implementation of specific analysis lines ; 
  • Downstream process (centrifugation, lyophilization, spray drying, fluidized bed, preparative chromatography) ...
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Central implement of the NeoBioSys expertise, microorganisms culture can be conducted aerobically, anaerobically or in biphasic system (in the presence of an organic solvent).

NeoBioSys has a set of fully controlled 250mL to 120L bioreactors. Intermediate sizes (2L, 5L, 15L or 30L) are of course available. All of these facilities allow the bioprocess development, the realization of all or part of the scale-up and production of test batches for process validation. Downstream processes are also available (lyophilization, spray-drying, preparative chromatography ...).